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Rosle Onion & Vegetable Chopper The real draw of the Rosle Onion and Vegetable Chopper is the possibility of chopping onions without being overwhelmed by the fumes. This ingenious gadget chops onions in an enclosed container, with a simple plunger handle and an automatic rotation of the blades.

Other jobs like chopping nutmeats, a task that typically scatters fragments over a wide area, can be neatly handled by this compact machine. Although most dicing and chopping is efficient enough with a knife and cutting board, the Rosle Chopper is certainly usable for those as well, so long as the amounts are small.

Shortcomings of the Rosle Chopper are just as important to consider, however. The plastic build is easily broken if dropped, and reassembly after cleaning isn't always easy. The six cutting blades have to be in the right position for the machine to go together properly, and the parts are tough to hold in that correct alignment until everything is locked down.

There's no question that skilled hands, a good knife, and a cutting board are faster, and even though the plunging action of this chopper is simple, it's a repetitive motion that isn't easy on the hands. At best, this is a helpful but not essential gadget that you'll use only occasionally.

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