S. Pellegrino Releases 2010 List of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants

Posted by on Apr 27

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The annual S. Pellegrino "World's 50 Best Restaurants" list was released yesterday in London, England. This year marks the ninth edition of the list, compiled by 806 members of an elite panel of renowned chefs, restaurateurs, and critics.

Claiming the second-place spot is Spanish restaurant El Bulli, which in the past had received the number one honor for four consecutive years. This incredibly popular hot spot for molecular gastronomy only accepts 8,000 reservations per year and reportedly receives over a million requests to do so.

But according to head chef Ferran Adria, El Bulli will be heading in a new direction soon. The restaurant will be closing as of December 2011 and will re-open as a nonprofit organization in 2014. Adria hopes to use the building as "a think tank of gastronomic creativity," assisting 20-25 budding chefs in their careers.

So which restaurant uprooted the four-year favorite and claimed the number-one spot on the list?

That honor goes to Noma, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This restaurant was ranked third on the 2009 "World's Best" list -- and now, head chef Rene Redzepi gets to finally claim his throne.

Guardian food critic and judge on "Top Chef Masters" Jay Rayner agrees with the decision, and applauds chef Redzepi for his consistency. "Redzepi, the 32-year-old chef at Noma, pursues a regional, seasonal agenda that is right on the cutting edge: if it isn't available in the Nordic region, he won't cook with it. The result is a very idiosyncratic style of food that speaks to concerns about the way a global food culture turns our eating experiences a uniform beige."

Here's another interesting tidbit about the "World's Best" list:  This year, the United States receives the designation of most honored country with eight featured restaurants (six of which come from New York). France is the runner-up with six featured restaurants.

The entire "World's 50 Best Restaurants" list can be viewed here.

Source:  CNN

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