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Sanyo Coffee Maker Grinder The Sanyo Coffee/Tea Maker is a compact all-in-one unit that I would love to see in my next hotel room. While lacking any automatic features, it has a smart design and a value price.

This coffeemaker is unique for a number of reasons. It brews about half that of most machines (six cups). You don't remove the glass carafe for filling this with water; it has a removable plastic water tank with markings on the side. That will appeal to those that worry about breaking the carafe in the sink while filling. This also features the ability to brew a pot of tea, using the supplied tea basket. In my experience, using one appliance for coffee and tea brewing affects the flavor of both. Tea comes out tasting of coffee and so on, but having the option with this unit adds to the convenience. Speaking of flavor, there is a charcoal filter onboard for keeping the water fresh.

A point worth mentioning is that this is not the style of coffeemaker that grinds the beans and automatically adds the grounds to the filter basket; you must grind the beans and add them yourself. Why then incorporate a grinder at all? I like the idea of one less gadget on the counter, and the automatic "grind and brew" machines are prone to gunk up due to the complexity. This avoids the problems inherent in those beasts. Of course, this isn't the coffeemaker for folks that desire automation anyway. It has an austerity that is rather refreshing in today's market. It does feature a hotplate for keeping the brew warm, although you must shut the unit off manually.

Want a machine solely dedicated to tea? See the Zarafina Tea Maker Suite.

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