Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker

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Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker For those accustomed to having rice at every meal, the rice cooker is an indispensable part of the kitchen arsenal. For the rest of you who still cook the occasional batch of rice in a saucepan- with mixed results- you may want to consider one of these.

What a rice cooker provides the cook is consistency. Rice is the simplest thing to prepare as long as you use the right amount of water and cook it for exactly the right amount of time. The rice cooker makes this completely foolproof.

This Sanyo model is a good introduction in the realm of cookers available. The controls are simple to operate and it makes a plentiful quantity of rice. Sanyo is really working to market these machines as versatile cooking devices, with dual controls for making soups, porridge, and steaming vegetables as well. The other useful feature is that the machine operates in a warming mode for hours after the cooking cycle has finished.

The rice cooker features a nonstick inner pot that can be removed for cleaning, as well the steam vent and condensation collector (easily removable for the same reason). This model is streamlined and the tight-fitting lid promises to prevent any messes from boiling over. There is even a handle for bringing the hot food along with you, a nice touch. While some buyers complained that this rice cooker is difficult to clean, as the lid isn't removable, most found it to be just right for their needs.

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