Sanyo Micro Computerized Rice Pot

Slow Cooker 5 1/2 Cup ECJ-HC55S

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Sanyo Micro Computerized Rice Pot On my first visit to a real Asian home kitchen years ago I was immediately disappointed to find that it ran on a Sanyo electric rice cooker and a propane fired wok. Then I ate the food and I was happy.

Carefree efficiency, easy cleaning, and dependability made the original popular in Asia. Sanyo has improved this mainstay appliance of Asian homes considerably over the years, and the simple electric rice cook pot I brought home that summer has evolved into the ECJ-HC55S 5 1/2 Cup Micro Computerized Rice and Slow Cooker. It's very much better.

This machine comes from a country where people care about rice and want it done right. In the half of the world where there are more than two kinds of rice, this machine will cook them all to perfection. Select from a list of pre-programmed one touch functions to prepare white, brown, mixed, sushi, haiga, and more. The cooker's micro computer automatically adjusts temperature and cooking times. A cookbook and instruction manual with advice from Chef Martin Yan brings American chefs up to speed.

Two titanium coated pots allow other uses including vegetable steaming cycles of up to 58 minutes and slow cooking of soups and stews up to 12 hours. If you're really adventurous and can spare a day, there's even a special program for using this cooker for producing delicious and nutritious homemade tofu. But don't expect that on the first try. Tofu takes some practice.

Here's a simpler model for comparison:  the Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker.

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  2. alexandra moffat Says:

    The owners manual that comes with the Sanyo rice/slow cooker 5 1/2 cups is way inadequate. Maybe if I read Japanese it would be more understandable. I don’t.
    I had to buy a rice cooker book to get the detail I needed. Maybe that;s the plan!!!