Sanyo Pressure Rice Cooker

Micro Computerized 5 Cup ECJ-PX50S

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Sanyo Pressure Rice Cooker You don't have to make rice daily to enjoy the use of a good rice cooker, but if you do, this is the pot to consider. The device has both menu and texture selections which reflect the fantastic variety of rice types available. Most of the world already understands that polished white is the least exciting and flavorful of the rices and related wild grass seeds. Americans are still getting acquainted with the idea. Because we have less experience in preparing this staple, it is even more important for us to look to cookers which can make the fine adjustments for us.

The Sanyo cooker adds many more options for use beyond excellent rice each time, no matter which variety you prefer. This unit combines a little bit of crock pot with a little bit of pressure cooker to expand the machine into a multi cooker, capable of making soup, stew, hot cereals, steamed vegetables, eggs... This means you can make entire healthy meals using only the cooker as a resource. Make a hot breakfast. Cook your rice, then steam some veggies to top it.

I have to also mention the sleep function. It is a long-term keep warm which also provides energy savings. The nonstick titanium-coated rounded bottom pot is laughably simple to clean, no matter what you cooked inside. The days of the single function appliance are rapidly coming to an end.

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