Sassafras La Cloche Brick Oven

Stoneware Bread Bakery Pot

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Sassafras La Cloche Brick Oven The La Cloche Brick Oven by Sassafras is used for its fantastic baking results. Made from a ten inch natural stoneware baking stone and a cooking bell created from hard fired clay, it fits in a conventional oven. The domed top and Superstone construction help evenly circulate heat for better crusts on bread and more moist meats and fish. Prepare foods the way ancient Greek citizens once did and serve right from the dish. The oven can be cleaned by soaking in water and scraping off any excess food remaining.

The manufacturer suggests this item requires seasoning before use, but certain bakers say this is less effective. Some people prefer to presoak the item in water for the additional steam benefits. This is a very fragile item and breakage is an enormous problem. Yet this item can be used to make bakery-style bread with beautiful results otherwise difficult to achieve. The conditions inside the cloche cause something magical to happen inside the dough. The breads have colorful crusts and are filled with flavor and aroma.

Be warned, this item will get you experimenting with homemade breads. There are many good artisan baking sites which can be of great help if you catch the breadmaking bug. There's really nothing like fresh bread.

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