Scanpan Classic Square Griddle Pan

Aluminum Nonstick Stovetop Grill 11 Inch

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Scanpan Classic Square Griddle Pan For grilling without an actual grill, most chefs resort to stovetop griddles of heavy cast iron. The Scanpan Classic 11-inch Square Griddle gives nonstick results without the weight of cast iron. Hand-cast aluminum poured under 200 tons of pressure distributes heat evenly over the entire surface of the griddle. The ceramic titanium coating sears meat, fish, and poultry without sticking and resists chipping and corrosion.

Consistent thickness eliminates distortion often found with thinner aluminum pans. A perfectly flat base rests flush upon modern ceramic or glass-topped ranges for even more efficient heat transfer. The depth of the grill and the reasonable size avoids the awkward handling problems common with many flat cast iron griddles, but with this version you'll still need to pay close attention to the leveling of your cookstove. If you haven't gotten out the carpenter's level and gotten that perfect alignment, now it's time. The griddle holds a reasonable amount of waste grease and other drippings, but for the best results, work on a level surface.

Three pounds straight out of the box, the griddle will still be a challenge to handle when hot grease lines the bottom. Stovetop griddles should be allowed to cool before moving them to the sink for cleaning. If pouring off hot grease, work slowly and carefully because weight tends to shift suddenly as all the fluids move to one side.

The griddle is oven-safe to 500 degrees and can be used on the stovetop on high heat. That setting shouldn't be necessary, and the rating doesn't mean you can safely abandon the hot griddle on an active stove. Grease fires could happen. Use only as much burner heat as makes good sense.

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