SF Food Writer Leaks “Top Chef Masters” Winner

Posted by on Jun 18

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top-chef-masters-spoiler-leaksWith only two weeks into Bravo's new TV reality series "Top Chef Masters," the unthinkable has happened. It's a nightmare for all involved, and there's nothing that can be done to take back what's happened.

The winner of the final show has been leaked.

(No spoilers will be revealed here, so it's safe to read on. However, any links to sources within this article may reveal spoilers, so click with caution:)

GraceAnn Walden, a food writer based in San Francisco who authors the Yummy Newsletter's Scoop column, posted the spoiler on her online blog. According to Walden, she published the information because she is "in the news business, and it is news." MenuPages Chicago confirmed her statements as well.

Every participant in the show signed a contract which would penalize them by $1 million if they revealed any future content or outcomes. This is the reason why Walden is not citing her source. On her web blog, she says she is protected by the California Reporters' Shield law as well as the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

But Bravo executives, as well as GraceAnn Walden's publicist, aren't happy with her decision at all. Bravo may lose advertisers and viewers due to the spoiler, which is especially upsetting to them because the show benefits non-profit organizations and charities. Walden's publicist agrees, saying, "I think it's really lame that this is online. Nobody knows who the winner is. It's all for charity -- it's for fun. I think it's a disservice to these chefs, a disservice to these charities. I think it's really lame that [Walden] put it up there. It's lame for everybody."

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