Sharp Insight Range w/ Electric Stovetop, Convection Oven & Microwave KB4425LS

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Sharp Insight Range w/ ElectricYour kitchen, so small at times, never seems larger than when you have a big meal to prep. It seems like you run a marathon between the refrigerator and the stove, the sink to the microwave, check the oven, back to the cooktop to adjust the heat. Your feet, your back, and your head feel like they're going to explode. Why can't someone think of a way to bring some of these appliances together, save space, save my energy?

Cost-effective when it comes to installation, this four-in-one product saves you travel between work stations and having to own and coordinate multiple separate appliances. The Sharp offers a glass ceramic cooktop along with both conventional and convection ovens and a microwave drawer, yet it is surprisingly compact. At only thirty inches in width, it can still handle up to a twenty-five pound turkey.

A high-tech LCD touch screen guide gives both tips and step-by-step directions. Plus, its custom conversion technology can provide you the proper time and temperature for converting from conventional to convection cooking, eliminating the guesswork.

A good appliance can be judged on the amount of labor it saves, the number of hassles it lessens. Appreciate cooking again. Be able to breathe, relax, and revel in the little joys that accompany putting love into food. You'll finally have enough energy left to enjoy the meal with your family and friends.

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