Shun Classic VG-10 Bread Knife

Japanese Kitchen Damascus Stainless 9 Inch

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Shun Classic VG-10 Bread Knife Shun Cutlery's Classic 9 inch Bread Knife shows us a simple answer to the old problem of how to slice bread and pastry. The samurai steel principles used to make this knife solve that problem like a sword dividing a silk cloth. You have to use one to really understand how well it works.

The build of Shun's finest cutlery is like the Damascus steel of the finest old Samurai swords--a core layer of VG-10 stainless steel is sandwiched between 32 layers of high carbon stainless steel with high tensile strength. The result is a blade that can be ground to an acute edge and hold it, so sharp that it cuts almost without resistance, but strong enough to withstand flexing and twisting stress.

Of course a cake or a loaf of bread won't resist that much, but the layered steel also results in a polished and rippled blade surface with less adherence to the food, allowing the blade to pass through bread and pastry without binding. The serrated edge drops cutting resistance even further, with less cutting edge in actual contact with the work.

To protect that fine edge, you should only use this knife on wood or plastic cutting surfaces, and do not try to saw through bone. Other knives can handle that task, but VG-10 may chip.

The bread knife will seldom need sharpening, but should be sent back to the factory for refurbishing when needed. Hand cleaning is recommended for best care of finish and edge.

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