Shun Kaji Damascus Steel Steak Knife 4 pc Set

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Shun Kaji Damascus Steel Steak Knife 4A set of four beautiful steak knives from state of the art manufacturer Shun Cutlery, these 5" blades set in laminated black PakkaWood handles and accented with polished stainless steel bolsters far exceed anyone's practical expectations. The ripples marks of the slender but strong blades show the layers of the Shun Damascus steel process, similar to the trademark steel of many fine and even legendary swords.

Although anyone could see this is a fine knife, the details that make these knives among the best in the world today are not obvious--actually you'd need an electron microscope to really see why they combine strength, beauty, and the finest edge. New processes impossible in the old world foundries have culminated in a new "powdered steel" used as the core of these knives. Visible as the cutting edge, it's sandwiched between many layers of more resilient stainless steel. The special processes that form the central SG-2 layer result in this hard but tough fine grained alloy ground to a thin but durable razor edge.

Take most modern knives back in time a few hundred years and they'll be curiosities at best, outclassed by the refined work of the old traditions. These knives would be in a class by themselves then, as they are now.

Do you really need a steak knife this good? Of course not. Do you need art?

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