Shun Pro Yanagiba Sushi Knife

Japanese Kitchen Cutlery | 10 5/8 Inch VG-10 Full Tang

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Shun Pro Yanagiba Sushi Knife Usually chosen for filleting medium sized fish, or for preparing delicate cuts of raw seafood for sushi, the "willow leaf" Yanagi Ba easily crosses the cultural gap to perform consistently precise cuts on tender American roasts and poultry.

This, like many fine Japanese knives, is not a simple blade. Forged from VG-10 high carbon stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 61, the Yanagi Ba exceeds the edge holding capabilities of the best German knives on that count alone. In details of blade design, it's a far different machine.

The single bevel of the willow leaf results in a thin cutting edge that's far easier to control than the double beveled Western counterpart. Double beveled knives cut to either side with equal ease, which is sometimes what is needed; the special purpose willow leaf knive is a right handed blade, shaving thin slices from stock, raw or cooked, without collapsing the structure of the food. The back of the blade is very slightly hollow ground, reducing friction noticeably and resulting in a very controllable action.

The Pakkawood handle, a composite of layered birch wood and resin, could easily pass for ebony. The Yanagi Ba is dishwasher safe, but should be washed by hand to protect the razor sharp edge from damage. Edge maintenance is a bit different than Western chefs expect, requiring a flat stone for occasional touch ups.

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