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Dutch Oven | Aluminum Nonstick 5 Quart

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Simply Calphalon Chili Pot When you have a family or need to prepare a large batch of food, even if you only do so a couple of times a year, nothing is more helpful than having a go-to pan which can handle the job. The Simply Calphalon five quart Chili Pot is that pan. The interior is a double coated nonstick surface, making it possible to cook with very little oil or butter. The coating also means that chili, pasta, any of your creations, will not stick and they won't react with the pan. The pan is oven safe to 400 degrees, so you can bake deep dish items like casseroles inside and not battle burned on cheese when you clean up.

The lid is tempered glass, allowing you to watch as you cook and keep moisture in your dishes. The exterior is a brushed finish, hard anodized aluminum. The handles are stainless steel with comfortable silicone grasps and are riveted in place. Each pan is protected by a ten year warranty from Calphalon.

This is a nice all around pan, able to work as a skillet for browning items before adding in stock. It's great to be able to go from the stove to the oven, using a single pan to prep ingredients and then bake. We like to use our pot for old fashioned popcorn for movie night. Other people seem to agree, this pan almost never leaves the stove.

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