Smith’s Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Smooth Oval Honing Steel

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Smith's Ceramic Sharpening Rod Looking for a quick primer on honing and steeling? Check out our review of Smith's Diamond Sharpening Rod before continuing with this review.

Done? Great, let's talk about this ceramic sharpening rod from Smith's. It features a lot of what we like in a sharpening rod -- the surface is smooth, long and made of an abrasive material that can do a bit of fine sharpening at the same time that it's realigning your edges.

The other thing to like about this steel is its price. Though significantly better than those steels you'll find packaged with inexpensive knife sets, the price is only about fifteen bucks. Not a bad deal at all.

It also features a hanging ring -- a nice feature if you've got one of those utensil rods in your kitchen. Storing it there will remind you that you should be using it frequently too.

I'm not wild about the plastic handle. It's comfortable enough, but a bit slippery for my tastes. The over-sized finger guard will protect your hands, though, so that's a pretty minor complaint. If you're looking for a longer steel with a more secure grip, I'd certainly recommend Smith's Diamond Rod. But if you're looking for something less expensive that will surely do the job, this rod is a good choice.

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