Smith’s Knife Sharpening Stone

Combination Fine, Coarse Diamond Sharpener

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Smith's Knife Sharpening Stone I've had the chance to review several Smith's sharpening products recently and I must say I've been quite pleased with them. These products are not going to be the glamour tools of your kitchen, but they are simple to use, are well-thought out and effective.

This combo diamond sharpening stone is a good example. It's got oval indentations to collect metal shavings that are produced during sharpening. This means that your sharpening session will be spent honing your knives and not cleaning the stone. It also helps reduce the mess.

This is a combination stone, meaning that it's two-sided. The yellow side is coarse (350 grit) and is intended for reworking knives that are well-worn. The orange side is fine (750 grit) and is intended for putting a very-sharp edge on a knife that's already in pretty good shape. If you're new to stone-sharpening, a combination stone can be a great way to save money since you'll no doubt want both coarse and fine surfaces. True knife buffs will tell you that you can get the ultimate edge with an even finer stone, but you can always supplement this combination stone with a super-fine stone later on.

It also features a "micro tool" area that has no indentations, good for sharpening smaller tools and blades. Not so important in the kitchen perhaps, but a bonus if you've also got a few pocket knives that need work.

Diamond is a great choice for refining your kitchen knife edges, though some prefer Japanese waterstones. Personally, I think you could go either way. I was very happy with the edge I got on my santoku using this stone from Smith's.

Smith's also offers single-sided stones in longer and shorter lengths. For me, the eight-inch combination stone hits a sweet spot of versatility and usability, but I'll link to the others below as well.

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