Sneak Peek of “Anthony Bourdain’s Alternate Universe”

Posted by on Oct 27

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robochef bourdain alternate universe previewEven though producers said it wouldn't hit the online airwaves until 2010, you can get a sneak peek of Anthony Bourdain's new webisode series "Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe," now available for viewing today.

The first episode is titled "Robo Chef," and provides a satisfying glimpse into the six-part series' upcoming satire of the culinary industry. Think "Futurama" with every thoughtfully-scripted line speaking Bourdain's view of pop-cultured, personality-influenced cooking propaganda. It's hilarious, and is already receiving due praise from the critics.

During the two-minute preview, viewers are brought along into Bourdain's mad-scientist world where he builds a Mega Chef-bot. His reasoning goes something like this:

"For some time now, we've been developing our own talent, through the magic of media training and genetic modification, making them into stars... Even they got too expensive. All that time, all that investment, and then they go off and get their own morning talk show. Where's the loyalty? Where? We're going to build our own! Why wait for these ungrateful humans to crawl out of their petri dishes to stab us in the back?"

So what does he use? Mario Batali's "powerful legs and thighs" for standing long hours at a time, a pair of "combat chesticles," the face of Guy Fieri, and Rachael Ray's brain -- which, when activated, throws Bourdain's character for a loop!

On his personal blog, Bourdain describes his new show as "brief, often violent, alt versions of 'No Reservations' -- representing things we could never have done on the actual show, or the way things should have gone on the show, or animated acknowledgments of what already went terribly wrong on the show."

If you'd like to keep up with this satirical comedy's progress, stay tuned to Anthony Bourdain's fan site on the Travel Channel.

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