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Lactose Free Machine 930P

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SoyQuick Soy Milk Maker Twenty seven recipes included in the manual for the SoyQuick Milk Maker will get you started down the path to homemade alternative milk production. The design is filter free, made with quick and simple cleaning in mind. The company's Grind Right technology promises a perfect grind every time. The device is efficient, with little waste or pulp produced and pulp free milk is possible if you choose. This product comes with a seven year limited warranty and a ninety day unconditional guarantee.

The process is not much more complicated than adding the ingredients and pushing a button. Use rice, nuts, grains, wheat, beans, and seeds or a combination. Choose to flavor your milks with natural additives from fruits to coffee. The product gets incredible reviews from people who have enjoyed its fantastic ease of use, hassle free cleanup, or the outstanding customer service provided by the company.

If you are into alternative milks, this machine is the way to go. Avoid the brands that sit boxed on store shelves for weeks at a time and save money by processing your own beverages. Create even more healthy blends with the many possible combinations of grains and flavorings, then make tofu or yogurt from your fresh milk. With the guarantee and warranty offered by the company, there is really no downside.

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