Stacks and Stacks Jumbo Folding Chrome Food Cart

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Stacks and Stacks Jumbo Folding ChromeThe Jumbo Folding Shopping Cart should simply be called the Jumbo Folding Cart. It has so many uses beyond shopping. In fact, I'm not sure that shopping- or at least grocery shopping- is even the best use for the cart.

For one thing, if you use this (or any other) folding shopping cart in lieu of a standard grocery cart, then you will have to bend over any time you want to put something in the cart or take it out. Of course, in a regular grocery cart you have to put things in and take them out, too, but you don't have to completely bend over to do it.

Also, you would have to take great care in stacking your food items in the collapsible cart before going through the check out line. No 28-ounce cans of tomato sauce on the eggs, please! And again, you have to watch out for this in a standard shopping cart, too, but you have a lot more room to spread things out, making sure nothing gets smooshed or banged up.

Where the Jumbo Folding Cart comes in super handy is in getting your groceries home. Or getting your clothes to the laundromat. Or taking stacks of books to class. Or carting loads of supplies to your next catering gig.

This cart is constructed of metal with a highly durable epoxy finish. It rolls smoothly on solid rubber tires with steel spokes. The cart weighs 15 pounds when empty, which may still be too heavy for someone concerned with physical limitations, but it can carry up to 150 pounds-- pretty impressive for a multi-purpose pull cart. I just wish it came with a liner, instead of having to order one and pay for it separately.

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