Staub Honeycomb Saute Skillet Pan

French Cast Iron Black Matte 10 Inch

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Staub Honeycomb Saute Skillet Pan You get some idea of how seriously the French take the art of cooking when you see the quality, and commensurate price of fine French cookware. This saute pan from Staub will handle anything you care to prepare in it and keep getting better with age.

This is a cast iron pan with a heavy enameled finish inside and out. The company says the finish is double the thickness of competitors' offerings and should outlast any other with regular use in the kitchen. These pans are individually cast at the Staub foundry from sand molds that are then destroyed, making each piece of cookware truly one of a kind. What I like about these is the matte black finish of the enamel, giving them a rich old-world appearance along with durability and corrosion resistance. All pans become stained and discolor a bit over time but these hide it well. In fact Staub claims that the enamel itself will become seasoned and improve with age as oil works its way into the pores. For this reason it is recommended that the pan be washed gently by hand after use to avoid any scrubbing or harsh abrasives. Another nice feature is the large helper handle, as this is a heavy piece of cookware.

The pan has a honeycomb texture on the bottom, which assists in keeping foods from sticking while being cooked. Also the wooden handle is removable so the pan can be used in the oven when desired. Please note that this saute pan does not feature a lid, although it is advertised as such on Amazon.

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