Subway’s First Gluten-Free Test Market Starts This Week In Dallas, TX

Posted by on Jan 10

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Celiacs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area may be thanking their lucky stars this coming week -- because Subway Restaurants has chosen the DFW region of Texas to begin test marketing a new line of gluten-free products.

Starting the week of January 10th, select Subway restaurants in the DFW and Tyler/Longview regions of eastern Texas will be able to request gluten-free menu items, which include gluten-free sandwich rolls and brownies.

For wheat and gluten-sensitive customers concerned about cross-contamination, Subway assures that each gluten-free product is packaged outside the restaurant and individually wrapped away from products that contain gluten. Sandwich artists will be trained to use a new, pre-wrapped knife for each gluten-free sandwich, and the same sandwich artist will make the meal from beginning to end. Additionally, extra precautions will be taken to keep traces of gluten from contaminating meats, vegetables, and condiments.

"The process is very thorough to ensure a 100% gluten-free product," said a press representative for Subway Restaurants last week.

If all goes well, Subway plans to increase their gluten-free menu offerings on a much wider scale. "Our hope is to offer gluten-free products nationwide," added Subway's press representative.


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