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11 Inch Nonstick Cast Aluminum Pan 6428

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Swiss Diamond Cast Aluminum KitchenDiamond crystals (sourced from US suppliers) form the virtually indestructible nonstick coating, which is actually fused to the pan. Also, diamonds conduct heat, so the coating actually adds to the performance of the pan. The surface won't peel, crack or blister and offers perfect distribution of heat. Finally you can use those metal utensils!

The pan has a flat bottom useful on a variety of stovetops and is oven safe to five hundred degrees. It's made from hand-cast aluminum, but the company insists that due to the coating layer, your food will never come in contact with the aluminum cast. The pan is dishwasher safe and carries a limited lifetime warranty. At one and a half inches deep, it's perfect for small meals, side dishes, or eggs.

Many people call this the best pan they have ever used or owned. Customers like the light weight feel to the pan and the way food seems to slide over the surface. At the same time, rarely, some foods and oils seem to grab onto the diamond surface, making cleaning somewhat harder or necessitating cooking with at least some oil.

People had issues with the pan surface not holding up to use of metal utensils. Swiss Diamond claims on its website that metal utensils are safe if they aren't aggressively used on the surface. They also say that the surface will become scuffed and look used over time but that this is expected and shouldn't interfere with performance of the pan's surface. They do recommend against cutting, chopping, or using electric beaters on the pan surface.

Swiss Diamond also warns that dishwasher detergents may reduce the performance of the nonstick surface. They insist that the pan be cleaned after each use as a thin layer of food or oil may become carbonized on the surface, leading to issues with sticking.

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