10 Piece Cookware Set by Swiss Diamond

Nonstick Cast Aluminum

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Swiss Diamond Cookware Review Set In the 1980s, one of the many technological advancements in kitchen cookware was the invention of a titanium ceramic non-stick cooking surface. Companies used titanium to make the surface more durable, allowing cooks to use metal utensils without fear of chipping or cracking the surface.

Swiss Diamond decided to take that concept a step further by using real diamond crystals, a stronger substance than titanium, as a part of its patented non-stick cookware surface. They advertise pans that will never "peel, crack or blister" and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Each pan in this 10-piece cookware set is made from hard cast aluminum and is built with Swiss Diamond's non-stick diamond crystal technology. The set is a good inclusion of standard pieces any cook would need in the kitchen: two saucepans (1.4-quart and 2.2-quart), two frying pans (8- and 10-inch), an 8.5-quart stockpot, and a 3.2-quart saute pan. Each dishwasher-safe pot comes with a tempered glass lid and is fitted with stay-cool handles.

In theory, Swiss Diamond's indestructibility is a great idea. But does it actually work?

If you're taking extremely good care of the set, babying it and using metal utensils rarely or never, then yes. If you're lucky. However, over time, the surface will show wear and tear just like any other cookware set. Fortunately, there's a chance Swiss Diamond will replace them under the limited lifetime warranty, but there's also an equal chance of a voided warranty if Swiss Diamond deems normal wear and tear as "abuse."

Compare this set with the Cuisinart Green Gourmet cookware set. It features a durable non-stick surface that's healthy and free of Teflon as well, plus it's less expensive.

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