Swiss Diamond Induction Frying Pan Skillet

Nonstick 11 Inch w/ Cast Aluminum Helper Handle

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Swiss Diamond Induction Frying PanI'm still fascinated by the induction cooking method, even though induction ovens and cooktops have been around for a while. It reminds me of using a gas burner on an electric stovetop because it has that level of temperature control. I also like that induction appliances are much more energy-efficient, since it takes less electricity to heat the surface of the pot or pan I'm using.

This Swiss Diamond skillet is made to work solely on induction cooktops. The surface will heat quickly -- and that's not any ordinary surface, either. It's made from cast aluminum with 200,000 diamond crystals. Yup, real diamonds. They're stronger than titanium and are the hardest material known to man. With this build, Swiss Diamond advertises a product that is impervious to dings, scuffs, scratches and cracks -- imperfections that would show up over time with typical non-stick cookware.

Be forewarned about a couple of things, though:

First, this pan should just be used with an induction stovetop or oven. It's not safe for using on a gas range. However, it is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 500 degrees F.

Second, treat any Swiss Diamond product with care. And by "care," I mean not using metal utensils or using harsh cleaning tools on the surface. Even though the genuine diamonds on the cooking surface are built in to avert this problem, they aren't perfect. Take a close look at the warranty, too. It's a limited lifetime warranty, so that means Swiss Diamond may refuse to refund or replace this skillet if it looks "abused" rather than "malfunctioning."

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