Swiss Diamond Wok, Nonstick

Dishwasher Safe Cast Aluminum w/ Lid & Rack

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Swiss Diamond Wok, Nonstick To me, this Swiss Diamond Wok is a stand-out product for two reasons: the cooking surface and the added features. Both are things that don't normally come with every wok purchase. Time to take a closer look.

First, the cooking surface is unlike any other on the market. It's made from real diamond crystals, the hardest material known to man. Swiss Diamond uses this diamond surface in a cast aluminum pan that they advertise will never "peel, crack or blister." All that, and it's non-stick, too. A virtually indestructible pan would also allow cooks to use metal utensils liberally, since they wouldn't affect the surface.

Second, not every wok comes with a rack attachment and a special lid like this one does. The rack is used for deep-fat frying; when draining fat or oil from the pan, the rack keeps the food in place. Additionally, the tempered glass lid also works as a steam vent via the center handle.

The standard, "typical" cookware features are there as well. The Swiss Diamond Wok has a flat surface that is safe for use on all electric, gas, and ceramic cooktops. It's also dishwasher safe and is OK to use in the oven up to 500 degrees F.

With all its nifty features, however, keep in mind that this wok has a chance of not living up to your expectations. It's a gamble. I've used this pan for a while and don't have any problems with it -- then again, I don't take chances with metal utensils and I normally wash it by hand. Swiss Diamond's "virtually indestructible" claims don't necessarily mean "perfectly indestructible." There's always room for imperfections, and that's not something I want to test to the max, since Swiss Diamond's limited lifetime warranty and customer service can be a bit of a gamble as well. In any case, I feel it's a good habit to treat any of my cookware items with care, regardless of whether or not it's made to withstand more than it should. So far, so good.

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