Swissmar Borner Kitchen Mandoline

White V Slicer Plus

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Swissmar Borner Kitchen Mandoline Knife I'm not sure how this V-Slicer is different from a mandoline. I use it in pretty much the same way.

I love this slicer. Don't be fooled by the plastic. Just because it's not stainless steel doesn't mean it's not well made. Quite the opposite, in fact. This is one of the best kitchen tools around -- and one of the best values. You can julienne fries, dice onions and peppers in seconds, and slice anything. I use it to do everything from slicing onions to making salsa. Gratins, pies, stir fries, cole slaw. There are so many dishes that would be easier to make with this handy tool.

Mine lives on my countertop because I use it all the time, but you can hang it on a wall or store it in a drawer, too. And you just rinse it under water to clean it. No nooks and crannies to try to clean -- which can be very dangerous.

Using it doesn't require too much physical effort, either. I've run into that problem with other slicers. Pushing too hard makes me nervous. That can only end badly, with a gratineed knuckle or a lost fingertip.

I rave about this product all the time and I have bought it as a gift for so many friends, who also love it. If you're looking for a mandoline/slicer, call off the search. You have found kitchen gadget nirvana.

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