Swissmar Gourmet Raclette Grill

Nonstick Black 8 Person KF-77041

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Swissmar Gourmet Raclette Grill Every dairy producing culture loves and promotes their cheeses. It took the Swiss however, and their fanatical devotion to all things melty to create an entire industry around not just one, but TWO social dining events involving hot cheese products.

This exotic grilling gadget owes its heritage to those intrepid rural shepherds of old Switzerland who held cheese near the campfire and then scraped the soft bit onto a plate for dinner. Today, Raclette is the name of a cheese as well as the popular meal custom formed around it. The way it works is for a group of friends to gather around the table to dine on an assortment of prepared meats and vegetables, potatoes, breads and such. Each diner grills his or her own portion and tops it with the namesake cheese, melted in one of the individual trays.

This grill can accommodate eight guests. That's the number of cheese dishes included that fit beneath the rectangular electric grill. The grill top has a nonstick finish and is reversible with a crepe cooking side for you to continue the party well into dessert or even breakfast. The heat setting is adjustable for cooking or just keeping warm. Also included are eight little spatulas for scraping the melted cheese out of the dishes.

This is a popular trend for an entertaining dinner party and an item like this would be an instant conversation piece. While the nonstick coating must be handled gently to prevent scratching off the surface, overall this is a quality appliance. Perfect for those of you who actually do entertain with creative dining ideas, not so much for those of us who still have a fondue pot in a box in the garage. Guilty as charged.

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