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T-Fal Emerilware Bread Machine Emerilware's T-Fal Bread and Baguette Maker offers 14 pre-set baking options, 4 loaf sizes, three crust settings and a 15 hour timer--all in a compact and efficient counter top design. The T-Fal has two removable mixing blades for higher efficiency dough preparation, and there does seem to be a good balance of accurate recipes and machine capability.

Bread, cake, pizza dough, pasta dough and jam are all within the range of the T-Fal. The baking capacity of this machine also exceeds that of lower quality machines, allowing the creation of family sized two pound loaves as well as baguettes. Baguettes require a special baking pan which is included with the T-Fal, and to create these distinctive small loaves hand shaping of dough is needed. A special knife is included especially for scoring the tops of the loaves in the baguette style.

Although with some recipes the T-Fal only needs the loading of ingredients, for more complex recipes it will signal when it's time to add special ingredients and again when the baking is finished. An Express cycle gives the option of simple delicious loaves in under an hour and a half.

There have been few complaints about the T-Fal's performance--issues that have arisen have been simple machine faults, corrected either by exchanges or by warranty service. The unit is covered by a one year limited warranty.

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