The Resurrection Of Gourmet Magazine

Conde Nast To Create Live Interactive App

Posted by on Jun 22

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During a press conference demonstration today, Conde Nast executives stated that they are looking to bring back Gourmet Magazine this fall. Kind of.

Conde Nast CEO Chuck Townsend says that the magazine will be revived in the form of an app, replacing print with digital media and an online community.

New York Observer writer John Koblin points out that it's a logical move for Conde Nast. "If they're going to to try to create a digital enterprise, why not make it (1) food-related, where, according to Conde Nast, 60 million uniques a month are trawling the web in search of food content and (2) use a brand name that's so iconic?"

But Ruth Reichl, famed 10-year editor of Gourmet Magazine, disagrees. "They're reviving the brand, not the magazine. Pity." She was not present at the press conference.

Townsend still believes his company can make a new business from an old brand. He's particularly inspired by the success of the new Wired app for the iPad, and hopes that the Gourmet app will indeed be a "Ca-ching! Thank you very much" product that quickly catches on, as he stated in the press demonstration. It will use virtual currency to access recipes, videos, columns and stories, even a city map with Gourmet restaurant reviews for the area. The interactive app even promises that users will earn rewards for their own discoveries.

The Gourmet Live app is set to launch in the fall of 2010. A free demo is available at

Source: New York Observer

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