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Thermoworks Original Thermometer Sometimes I forget that not everyone has a well stocked kitchen. And I'm not talking about food here, but rather cooking equipment. I was shocked at Thanksgiving that my friend didn't own a cooking thermometer. How would we know when the turkey was done?

In the end, we over-cooked it. Another year. Another dried out turkey. My friend even complained that weekend that her husband often overcooks meat when they grill, which they do quite often. Somebody needs to send her a Thermapen, and fast.

The Super-Fast Thermapen reads temperatures in less than four seconds. Talk about fast. And its temperature range covers -58 degrees fahrenheit to 572 degrees fahrenheit.

The Thermapen was originally designed for professional users, but there's no reason why it cannot be used in one's home. It's super easy to use. Unfold the probe and the easy-to-read display illuminates indicating the instrument is on. Insert the tip at list 1/8 inch and seconds later you'll have an accurate temperature. Folding the probe turns the Thermapen off. Or it will shut itself off automatically after a few minutes if left on.

The fold away probe protects the probe from breakage. Or for extra protection you can purchase a vinyl or leather case separately.

The only downside is that the Thermapen does not clip onto the side of a pan which is an inconvenience for chefs who are monitoring liquids.

Admittedly, the Thermapen is pricy, but it's worth it to have moist, delicious turkey or a perfectly grilled steak.

Here's another nifty digital thermometer to consider by Maverick.

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