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Throwzini Wheel of Death Circus KnifeFive stainless steel chef's knives come with this fanciful patented knife block, the Throwzini Wheel of Death. Does your kitchen maintain a humorous circus theme? If so, you may get a kick out of this gizmo. Do you have small children in the house? If so, you will need to take some sensible precautions. In general, spinning something which contains five sharp objects is not a great idea for the kitchen. Turning would be more appropriate -- carefully.

The manufacturer lists very little information about this eye catching device. In general purchasers were satisfied with the block itself but not with the knives. The block does have a few very necessary safety features, such as magnetic "locking" to keep the knives in place while spinning the Wheel of Death; and protective plastic sheath inserts to keep the blades away from curious fingers. The knives themselves have a poor reputation among customers, who have reported them to be cheaply made of stainless steel that won't hold an edge. Since the block is tailored to the knife set, switching the blades out for knives of better quality may not always be practical. It seems too toy-like to be a good idea, the plastic red doll a perfect child magnet for small hands reaching up from below the countertop to pull things down on top of themselves.

Possibly this is better for the kitchen of a retired knife thrower or clown, rather than in the home of a circus performer with small children.

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