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Kitchen Cupboard Storage Rack SPS001

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Todco Spice Stack With this item, three pull out shelves help you organize and store 27 full sized or 54 half sized spice bottles. Made in the USA, the Todco Spice Stack fits almost any kitchen cabinet, saves counter space, and allows the home cook to locate spices and seasonings without effort. The rack measures 10.75 by 11 by 8 inches and no assembly is required. No spices or bottles are included with the stack unit.

The Todco Stack allows you to store your spices on upper shelves, opening more useful space on lower shelves, because when you need a jar, you simply pull it down or slip a drawer out. Some of the larger bottles and canisters of spices may not fit the unit, which is best designed to hold round bottles, but the amount of containers the unit will hold will free much of the space once occupied, even with a couple of misfits. The drawer concept allows you to store similar spices together in families, so meat seasonings, sweets or savories can be located with their counterparts. Or put your favorites and most used in one drawer, lesser needed items in another.

If you really want to get intense, you can purchase matching empty jar sets and perfectly organize your collection. The drawers will hang open, just take care with them and consider the weight of the total unit (a full drawer in an otherwise empty unit may be less stable).

People love their Spice Stack and users say it performs nicely and keeps them from fruitless searches during meal preparation.

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