Togiharu Molybdenum Kitchen Knife

Japanese Utility Petty Cutlery HKR-EA-P150

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Togiharu Molybdenum Kitchen Knife This Togiharu petty is part of their entry level Molybdenum line, aimed at culinary students, entry level professional cooks, and serious amateurs. The steel is not quite of as high a quality as the mid level INOX line so it won't take quite as fine an edge and will require more frequent sharpening. However, it should offer noticeably better performance than knives offered by Western makers at a price point that should make it quite attractive to anyone who would like to try out Japanese knives for the first time without spending a lot of money to do so or anyone on a budget. While the higher grade knives offered by Togiharu feature good to above average fit and finish, I've noticed that on the molybdenum line, the fit and finish appears to receive a bit less attention, as evidenced by small gaps between the tang and handles on several of the knives from this line that I handled. This isn't anything which would affect performance, of course, but it could be a problem from a sanitation standpoint, so is best avoided if possible.

While this isn't the most expensive petty on the market, it does feature all of the characteristics common to Japanese petties, not least of which is a fairly shallow blade which often results in sore knuckles. I generally find petties have handles that feel a bit undersized in my hand and the knives themselves tend to feel a bit delicate compared to comparable Western style utility knives. Because of their very thin blades and small size, petties are quite good for the kinds of delicate work which would be inappropriate for a larger gyutou or santoku. I generally consider them to be more of a specialty blade than a "utility knife", but if you're searching for a substitute for the Western "utility knife" or you expect to use it for a lot of board work, a short gyutou or funayuki may be a better choice.

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