Top Chef Master Marcus Samuelsson Shares Healthy, Money-Saving Tips At YMCA Youth Health Forum

Posted by on Aug 15

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Celebrity chef and winner of "Top Chef Masters" Marcus Samuelsson took some time this past Friday to pass on his cooking knowledge to a room full of eager-to-learn youngsters at the 2nd Annual Youth Health Forum, which was held at the Greater New York YMCA in Harlem.

During his presentation, Samuelsson explained that there are many ways to turn a healthy meal into a delicious meal and into something that children would actually want to eat. "Slow cooking is one way. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are important. And use spices. Learning how to cook, learning where the food comes from, and engaging with the food makes it taste good."

Samuelsson then hosted a cooking demonstration featuring healthy, easy-to-learn recipes -- and let his 150 guests sample the tasty results. The menu included a tomato and watermelon salad with almond vinaigrette dressing, simple grilled chicken with shallots and herbs, and a yellow couscous salad. (Visit for the list of ingredients and cooking instructions.)

While making the couscous, Samuelsson suggested that families could take meat off their dinner menu every once in a while for both health and financial reasons. "A big box of couscous, which can feed a family, sells for less than two dollars. Portion control is also important. But maybe most important of all is a good recipe, " he said.

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