The Top Twenty Foodies to Follow on Twitter

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If you are a food/cooking enthusiast and a Twitter follower, there are some great chefs and foodies that you should be following. These feeds offer some great information and advice that make them must follows on the popular social media service. You can pick up some neat tips and tricks or maybe even a new recipe to try.

Twitter has a lot of information for whatever you are into, and there are plenty of great cooking and food related people to follow so we figured we would make a nice list of some of the best chefs on Twitter. There are many more you can find if you just look, but these 20 stood out to us right off the bat, either because we are familiar with them or we recommend them because they provide some tasty nuggets of info.

Bobby Flay - Bobby Flay is one of the most famous chefs in the world right now, if you are reading this then I imagine that you know exactly who he is and now you can follow him on Twitter as well. He tweets about many food and cooking related topics, as well as various other little tidbits of foodie wisdom.

Cat Cora - Cat Cora is a world renowned chef who started on her culinary journey when she was only 15 years old. In 2005 she made TV history by becoming the worlds first female Iron Chef on the hit show Iron Chef America. She has also been on many other cooking shows and even co hosted a cooking show with a muppet.

Emeril Lagasse - Another world famous chef that needs no introduction, Emeril is known far and wide for his amazing culinary skills and his unique sense of humor.

Jamie Oliver - Jamie Oliver is a British chef who has become a phenom in the culinary world. Jamie has numerous television shows and his show The Naked Chef on the BBC network is one of the most popular cooking shows on the air. Jamie has been a huge inspiration to may people, follow him on Twitter and maybe he will inspire you too if he has not already done so.

Chris Cosentino - Chris is a unique chef because he focuses a lot on different delicacies that many people do not eat, in his Twitter feed you will see him discuss these types of dishes and delicacies as well as post photos of them and even offers recipes. Follow him and you will discover some truly unique foods.

Ludo Lefebvre - Chef Ludo as he is known is an interesting type of chef because he owns a touring restaurant. His restaurant has no permanent address or phone number and he moves locations often to bring his amazing food to different people. Hs dishes have won awards and he is a unique and top notch chef who offers some fun and interesting info via his twitter feed.

Tyler Florence - Tyler Florence is a well known chef based in the Bay area of California. He is also a chef with many other talents including making wine, running his own restaurant, designing his own culinary products, and he is also a dad. He makes some unique and exquisite dishes that will make your mouth water, and following him on Twitter you will see him Tweet about various dishes with pics.

Rocco Dispirito - Rocco is an Italian-American chef out of New York City. He is well known as a celebrity chef and also a cookbook author. One of his most known books is called Now Eat This and he has a few others out in addition to that. He has been on numerous television shows and owns a popular restaurant in New York City.

Giuseppe Tentori - Giuseppe is the executive chef at the popular Chicago restaurant Boka and soon he will also be holding the same position at a new restaurant called GT Fish and oyster. He has received many awards for some of his dishes and he is also a master seafood chef.

Todd English - Todd is a highly respected and decorated veteran chef who runs his own restaurant that he started in Massachusetts. He then started building upon the reputation his restaurant built and opened restaurants in many other locations. His restaurant, “Olives” has become a well known brand around the world and he keeps racking up more and more honors as a top notch culinary pro.

Foodimentary - Foodimentary was started by John-Bryan Hopkins where he humorously discusses food on Twitter. It started as a blog that has since been renamed as Foodimentary101. Foodimentary quickly moved over to Twitter, where it quickly grew in popularity. Today it is considered one of Twitter’s top contributors in the category of food-drink.

Rick Bayless - Rick is an award-winning chef-restaurateur, cookbook author, and also a television personality. He has done more than any other culinary star to introduce Americans to authentic Mexican cuisine and to change the image of Mexican food in America.

Kathy Casey - Kathy Casey is a celebrity chef, a mixologist and also pioneer in the bar-chef movement. She has played a huge role in bringing Northwest cuisine as well as women chefs to national prominence. She was also one of the first female executive chefs in the United States and was named one of Food & Wine's “hot new American chefs.”

The Klutzy Cook – The Klutzy Cook is another excellent Twitter feed to follow if you love to cook. She is not a professional chef but has a passion for cooking that is right up there with all of the pros. Her cooking philosophy is simple – “My philosophy on cooking and food is that it should be for fun and enjoyment.  The serious stuff I leave to the professionals and experts.  For me, if what I prepare tastes good and gets eaten it’s a success.

Bridget Davis - Bridget likes to teach people to cook and help people become better cooks. Cooking has been a passion of hers for years and she loves to share her knowledge with others. She says it best right here – “I take great pleasure in teaching and sharing my skills and experiences with others who love to cook or won’t cook! I live to inspire and help create exciting culinary moments through cooking and teaching.”

William Cooks – This is a great Twitter feed full of all kinds of excellent recipes as well as tips and tricks for cooking.

Amanda Formaro - Amanda is a cooking and baking fanatic as well as a food blogger. Follow her on twitter to discover all kinds of new recipes, blog posts about food, and more recipes and cooking tips.

Karol’s Kitchen - Karol’s goal is to share the recipes that her family loves to families around the world. She tweets about many different recipes and her website has a free recipe book that anyone can download.

Mark Tafoya – Mark Tafoya is the Executive Chef and Co-owner of the Culinary Media Network which is a new media company that celebrates the sensual pleasures of food from a multi-cultural perspective.

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