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Totally Bamboo Wood Cutting Board Bamboo cutting boards get better looking all the time, and this Parquet pattern board from Totally Bamboo is a fine example. The Congo Parquet board is laminated from precisely fitted blocks of split bamboo, a very hard and quickly renewable natural resource that's quickly taking a big piece of the kitchen market in America. In "green" terms it does make good sense to use a "wood" (in this case, a grass) that regrows in two or three years instead of two or three hundred.

What hasn't worked out particularly well is the exposed end grain surface that gives this board a look similar to rock maple, the wood of choice in this application since the Colonies were founded here. The densest bamboo still absorbs water through the end grain, and even after the recommended week long process of daily oiling, the parquet style boards are likely to swell and warp if left sitting on a damp counter top for long. That can be controlled by regular oiling with mineral oil or a more expensive oil the manufacturers supply. Placing an absorbent mat--a couple of paper towels is fine--under the board will also help, as will using alternating sides day by day. Clean and oil the board promptly after use and place it on edge to air dry.

Although guaranteed against splitting or cracking, the board has to be properly maintained to prevent trouble. Totally Bamboo makes other versions from strips of bamboo laminated lengthwise, a system that causes fewer faults but still requires maintenance. They are a little more trouble than hard rock maple, but using one may help save a tree someday.

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