Trudeau Fondue Pot Set

Stainless Steel 3 In 1 Lazy Susan 24 Piece

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Trudeau Fondue Pot Set The Trudeau Fondue Set allows you to create hot oil meat or melted cheese or chocolate fondue. The stainless steel pot comes with a double boiler insert and has a forty ounce capacity. The Lazy Susan base holds six stoneware sauce bowls. The set also includes six forks, six spoons, a wire stand and a safety burner.

The matching set has a very classy look. You can serve additional sauces in the bowls, use them to hold cubes of bread or other items for dipping, or allow guests to use them as a cooling transition between cooking and consumption.

Trudeau has an entire website dedicated to helping you prepare the best possible fondue for a fun family dining experience or unusual shared social occasion. They list approximate serving portions, preparation tips, and specific details on cooking items in the fondue pot.

One of the playful aspects of serving fondue is to create a game around serving with silly consequences for those who lose their bread in the fondue. Kids can have a lot of fun dipping fruits and vegetables in the chocolate or cheese. Spicy meat dishes can be seasoned right at the table where everyone can watch and choose what to add for their part. Fondue is a great way to celebrate a special occasion just for two or to pair food and entertainment for a group.

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