UNO Belgian Waffle Iron Maker Reversible Heart

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UNO Belgian Waffle Maker ReversibleDespite my love of waffles, and the frequency with which I make them, I have found that there is a consistent problem with most waffle makers. Waffle irons are one trick ponies. They only make waffles. Nothing else. And they take up a lot of space. Especially for an appliance that's good for only one thing.

VillaWare's Reversible Belgian Heart Waffle Maker is barely an exception. It's a two trick pony. With reversible plates, VillaWare's Waffle Maker can create deep-pocket Belgian waffles or gorgeous and endearing heart-shaped waffles. If two heads are better than one, are two waffle patterns better than one?

The one of a kind heating elements embedded in the plates distributes heat evenly. This makes for delicious waffles that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. There's also a six setting waffle browning control so you can have waffles as lightly golden or as dark and crisp as you like.

There are power and ready lights, and a sound alerts you when the waffles are ready. So instead of staring at that light, willing it to turn green, you are free to cook up some eggs, bacon, or sausage to go with those delectable waffles.

The unit comes in die-cast aluminum housing. So in addition to cooking pretty waffles, the unit will like nice on your counter. And with a generous spill trough, removable plates, and superior non-stick coating, the VillaWare UNO Waffle Maker is easier to clean than most waffle makers.

What better way to say I love you than heart-shaped waffles in bed?

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