Vidalia Built-In Convection Gas Grill

Stainless Steel 4 Burner 1396

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Vidalia Built-In Gas Grill Four burners running at a maximum of 80,000 BTUs power this extremely versatile gas grill from Vidalia, and the clever engineering design gives you as many basic cooking options as most full-sized kitchens. If you push this grill to its limits, you'll either have to move fast or get help.

The cooking grid is massive: 1396 square inches, half of it directly heated by the four burners and half of it indirectly heated by the airflow from them. The burner side of the grill is for searing and grilling, while the low heat side (the convection end) is for slow cooking. You can grill steaks on one side and slow roast a turkey on the other, without needing a rotissierie, because there are no flare-ups on the indirect side of the grill.

That's not the limit of this machine. By placing a ceramic briquette basket over the burners and adding wood chips, you can grill with wood heat and genuine wood smoke flavor. Put a custom-fitted pan of water and spices beneath the turkey to collect juices, and steam from the pan will return moisture and flavor to the bird, basting it with steam heat.

Shift out the briquette holder and move the basting pan to the burner side, and you can steam seafood on the grill. It does get even more complicated if you want, and for me there's a point of diminishing returns with all this. Part of what I enjoy about outdoor cooking is going back to simpler things. Fortunately, simpler things are still standard options with Vidalia grills.

Vidalia guarantees this quality stainless steel grill in stages as well, with an excellent warranty ranging from 99 years for the chassis to two years for minor parts.

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