Viking Dual Fuel Porcelain Range

Stainless Steel Convection Oven VDSC530-4B-SS

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Viking Dual Fuel Porcelain Range If you'd like a traditional look paired with some of the modern upgrades in a stove, the Viking is a strong contender. The basics of hassle-free maintenance are included. For example, the cooking surface is porcelainized to make cleaning easy, and the ignition system promises a consistent, reliable light for your burners every time.

The large capacity oven boasts a number of clever features to enhance cooking. The two-speed convection system has a reversible direction fan and a convection element located in the rear of the oven, so only heated air, no direct heat from the floor or top of the oven, is used to prepare your food. The restaurant-quality infrared broiler will provide a nice sear and lock in juices vital to flavor. The unit offers a quick preheat, and the baking element is concealed to make cleanup easier.

Additional elements, including a backguard and a high shelf, can be chosen to round out the look and function. Racks, pans, stones, and griddles are available for expanding the uses of the oven. Viking has prepared an impressive color palette of finish options. The range has precision heating, quick response, and many possibilities for customization. If you're looking for a stove you can make your own, this is one to consider.

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