Vinotemp 32 Bottle Beverage Cooler

Built In Stainless Steel Wine Chiller VT-32

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Vinotemp 32 Bottle Beverage Cooler If you use or store more than a few bottles of wine per week or you are beginning to be able to detect the subtle differences that emerge with greater knowledge, you need a special place to store your selections.

When you have a dedicated wine chiller, it is possible to maintain a more stable temperature because the door isn't being constantly opened and closed. Another excellent reason to give your wine its own storage center: there won't be any unwanted flavors imparted to the wine or mold from produce or cheese to spoil the cork.

Designed with an allowed temperature fluctuation of five degrees to prevent excess cycling, the chiller offers a digital readout. The unit can be built in, unlike some stand-alone models which require additional venting space. At just fifteen inches wide, it is actually a popular replacement for the space once occupied by trash compactor appliances.

Vinotemp carries a wide range of products for the wine enthusiast, from drip rings to electronic wine cellar management systems to wine inspired decor for the home. The chiller can be used to accommodate other beverages either alongside or instead of wine, if your supply should happen to run low or tastes change.

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