Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker

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Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker Pour the batter into the center of the Waring Pro and lower the lid. In moments you'll have light, fluffy waffles with crispy, hot crusts. This unit has a one hundred and eighty degree rotating function which helps evenly spread the batter and evenly bake your waffles. An on/off toggle switch allows you to turn the machine off without unplugging it; the power and ready indicators are extra large LED. Tones ring out for the ready and the finished baking signals. A rotary knob allows you to perfect the browning of your waffles to suit each person. The included drip tray catches spills. The handle folds for storage. The unit is UL/CUL approved, housed in brushed stainless steel, and carries a one year limited warranty.

If you love thick, hot Belgian waffles and enjoy them often enough, if you find you spend a lot on breakfast out or have a family to feed, you'll be pleased with the convenience this appliance offers. Not an item you buy unless it's something you specifically use, this machine makes excellent Belgian waffles, but takes up a chunk of counter space while being used. The cord hides out of the way underneath the unit, a plus.

Customers enjoyed the quick recovery time between batches and the consistent, quality texture and appearance to their waffles. They also found the appliance easy to clean. When you make waffles at home, you get to choose your recipe and add special ingredients to personalize your meal. There have been some negative experiences. When the unit fails, it seems to stop heating. Thankfully, this is probably a limited issue due to defects.

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