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Stainless Steel Dual Carafe WC1000FR

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Waring Pro Coffee Maker If you need to keep plenty of hot coffee available, or (like me) have a partner that drinks decaf while you like rocket fuel in the morning, now is a great time to invest in a serious machine for quantity dual carafe brewing.

The Waring Pro coffeemaker that normally retails for over $200 is currently available in a refurbished model for less than half the price. What exactly is refurbished on this isn't known, but the unit appears and works as if brand new. You could say it appears simply furbished. Sorry for that, I couldn't resist.

This is the same professional grade unit that is used in small cafes and offices across America, providing cup after cup of java to grateful diners and drowsy cubicle dwellers. The coffeemaker is built for production with a stainless steel body and no unnecessary features to complicate the task at hand. The dual carafe and warmer system promise to keep you in hot joe for as long as you require. This brews a 12 cup pot in less than 5 minutes using the simple basket filter arrangement. There is no timed brew with this but it's so speedy you'll hardly notice in the morning.

A really nice additional feature is the hot water dispenser on the front of the unit. Not only hot coffee all day but hot tea with no waiting. My advice is to grab one of these while available at the discounted price.

See how this compares with the Bunn Contemporary Coffee Brewer.

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