Waring Pro Cool Touch Deep Fryer

Black Stainless Electric w/ Timer

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Waring Pro Cool Touch Deep Fryer The Waring Pro Cool-Touch Deep Fryer is a compact fryer for your kitchen counter that features simple controls and easy cleanup, with the power to quickly prepare family-size batches of french fries.

This unit certainly cuts a stern figure on the kitchen counter. Looking a bit like Darth Vader's toaster, the stainless steel and black plastic shell enclose an efficient deep frying mechanism that doesn't lack for size or wattage. It contains 3/4 gallons of oil and the 1800-watt immersion heater gets things hot fast. This model advertises a preheat time of 8 min. which is pretty good for the capacity. Featuring a large frying basket with a fold-down handle, the fryer is meant to work with the lid down, to keep steam and splattering to a minimum on your counter. The controls are basic: two rotary dials, one to control temperature and the other for timed cooking up to 60 minutes. The timer would be a handy reminder to turn the unit off for the forgetful types, like teenagers. Or me. Cleaning is meant to be rather simple. The interior chamber is stainless steel and removes entirely for draining and cleaning, as does the control panel and lid.

The exterior is insulated so it stays cool to the touch, and the power cord is of the "break-away" style for safety, meant to prevent any hot oil accidents due to the cord being pulled or yanked from unit while in use. This model does not feature a charcoal filter, so cooking odors may be more noticeable than other fryers with this feature.

Compare this with the Presto ProFry deep fryer.

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