Waring Electric Deep Fryer, Brushed Stainless Steel

French Fry & Donut Maker, Pro DF250B

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Waring Pro Deep Fryer We are a funny bunch. The same folks who would never buy a deep fryer for their own use, wrinkling up the nose and dismissing the mere thought of such an unhealthy extravagance, happily nosh on french fries, donuts, and calamari when eating out.

Only a couple things worth remembering here:
One- Deep fried food tastes really good.
Two- Anything can be deep fried. Anything.

I was really impressed when I first laid eyes on this fryer from Waring. It looks just like a commercial fryer out of a restaurant kitchen, shrunk down to fit on your countertop. All stainless steel, it features a one gallon capacity for cooking over 2 lbs. of food at a time. The 1800-watt element promises to heat the oil briskly and keep it hot throughout the process. The fryer is designed for easy cleanup with an enamel coated removable oil container. After frying and cool down, just flip up the hinged control panel and the entire heating element raises out of the way, allowing access to the oil chamber.

Safety features are abundant as well. Thermostats control the oil temperature and shut off if overheating. The power cord has a breakaway connector to prevent the spilling of hot oil should the cord be pulled or tripped on. It's handy also to remove the cord for thorough cleaning of the fryer. Controls are mounted topside for easy access, with a mechanical thermostat and timer. The unit includes a removable, dishwasher safe lid with a viewing window for keeping the grease at bay while in use, and during storage.

All in all, this looks ideal to have the features and power you need for deep-fried satisfaction at home, whether it's donuts on the weekend or tempura for dinner.

Compare this with the Cuisinart Deep Fryer.

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