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Electric Stainless Steel Serrated Blade FS800

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Waring Pro Deli Food Slicer With a 7 1/4" serrated stainless steel blade, aluminum and stainless steel construction, and a motor with a limited five year warranty, you might expect a heavy duty machine when you buy the Waring FS800 Food Slicer. Actually, even though the build is a little stronger than smaller versions of this handy deli-style cutting machine, the FS800 is still a lightweight.

Home appliances rarely meet the standards of a restaurant kitchen and the FS800 is no exception. If you want it to last, take good care of it, learn its limitations, and don't exceed them. Do expect a fair return in terms of work--the Waring Pro will be effective in slicing meat, cheese, bread and vegetables on a scale appropriate to a home kitchen.

As with many light duty electric machines, the motor of the FS800 will automatically shut down if overheated. The machine is rated for normal use periods of ten minutes or less--if you stress the works by pushing food into the machine faster than it will cut, or work with it for longer than ten minutes, the shutdown circuit will be triggered. After a cool down period, the machine will reset.

Cleaning will be mostly a manual chore and will have to be done after each use. Wiping down the tray and the visible part of the blade is not enough--the most likely source of cross contamination is behind the blade. The most common thing you'll do with this machine is make sandwich slices, so don't skimp on sanitation.

Compare this with the Nesco Professional Food Slicer.

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