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Stainless Steel Blade, Pro FS 150

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Waring Pro Deli Food Slicer The Waring Pro FS 150 Food Slicer intends to bring restaurant quality slicing and economy to the home kitchen. Tolerant home chefs will find it useful, but the low cost means that it suffers from some of the problems professional chefs find familiar, without all of the benefits of the restaurant quality machines.

Professional slicers guarantee uniformity of cut and portion size, something important to home chefs interested in economy and calorie control. The Waring Pro will deliver on those promises only if the owner is careful. The construction will not tolerate abuse, so do not force the food through the machine. Take your time about it and let the machine do the work, not the hand pressure. The motor is light duty, intended for operating times of ten minutes, and then a cool down. The gears driving the blade are plastic, so forcing the work can quickly overstress the parts. Used with caution it can be handy, making short work of onions, tomatoes, salad veggies, and boneless meats, but only if you work within its limits.

Cleanup has been a rude awakening for many buyers who expected labor saving to extend past the cutting blade. Disassembly is required for more than a wipe down; no parts are dishwasher safe; reassembly easily goes wrong. Beneath the blade and food tray you'll find many crevices and crannies for food bits to fill, and even a toothbrush won't get them all out.

The restaurant solution I know best isn't great -- clean what you can, use sanitizing wipes on everything you can reach, and don't tell the customers the horrible truth. Cleaning a slicer like the Food Pro is a job you'll never quite finish.

Compare this with the Chef's Choice VariTilt slicer.

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