Waring Pro Electric Knife Sharpener KS80

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Waring Pro Electric Knife SharpenerWith three grit options and a five year warranty on the motor, there's little to go wrong with the Waring Pro KS80 Sharpener so long as you work within the limits of the machine. A light stroke of the blade through the slots is all that's required. Heavy pressure will damage the knife being sharpened by grinding away too much steel, as well as wearing down the grinding wheels prematurely and over stressing the motor. As with many light duty machines, if you should overheat the KS80 the motor will automatically shut down. That's not the end of the machine, which will restart when it cools to a safe temperature, but continuing to abuse it will shorten its lifespan.

Only knives which have seriously blunted edges should be run through the coarse stones. For a slight touch up the fine or polishing wheels should be enough. You can expect the resulting edge to be razor sharp, so if you're used to dull edges you can press against your thumb safely, be careful. Knives sharpened with the KS80 will require more cautious habits.

To ease the load on this machine and save the steel of your blades, use a sharpening steel for daily touch ups and save the KS80 for refurbishing edges. When your knife requires more than a few strokes of the steel to restore a fine edge, you may need to switch over to this machine.

Heavily built, this sharpening system requires little maintenance beyond a quick wipe down and emptying the collection tray of shavings about once a year.

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