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Kitchen Stainless Sausage Machine MG100

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Waring Pro Electric Meat Grinder The Waring Pro MG 100 Meat Grinder is an economical and useful countertop machine which when used with care will do a fine job of transforming raw meat into hamburger and sausage. The 150 Watt motor is warranted for five years and the unit itself for one year. When you take a close look you'll see that many of the parts are lightweight--cast aluminum, sheet metal and plastic make up the outer housing and feed assembly. Both sausage attachment cones (large and small sizes) are plastic. This should be plenty of warning that when you use this machine you'll have to be patient and not overload it or let it run when empty. Both of those practices will be equally hard on the the MG 100.

The hopper and feed tube will not accept any meat pieces larger than one inch cubes, and even that's a bit too much. Meat portions half that size, or longer thinner strips, will pass through the mechanism much easier. There is a push plunger supplied with the unit that will take care of any pieces that get stuck in the tube, but it isn't to be used to force the meat through the grinder. Be critical of what you put into the hopper, cutting out gristle and bone first. That may sound like too many rules, but even industrial quality machines can be broken by careless operators. Taking care of the machine protects your investment.

Three different sizes of cutting plates will let you grind anything in the recipe book the company provides--from hamburger to sausage, relishes, and even baby food. Much of the cleanup will have to be done by hand; the removable cutting plates are not stainless and need a quick wash and hand drying before storage.

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