Waring Pro Portable Double Burner

Cast Iron Brushed Stainless DB60

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Waring Pro Portable Double Burner If you've got a kitchen, you may not need a Portable Double Burner. You've already got four, right? Of course, you can't carry those around with you.

The place where the Waring Pro DB60 would come in handy is in an art studio, work shop, or even a hotel room if you're on the road. Just think of the money you could save by not eating out all the time on the road. Of course, you might get sick of top ramen, canned chili, and baked beans.

Where I really see the Waring Portable Double Burner coming in handy is in any kind of workspace (studio, shop, separate garage) in which it sure would be nice to have a cup of tea or a bowl of soup without having to go home (or go out) to get it.

The Waring Pro DB60 has a 1300-watt large plate and a 500-watt small plate, both of which are made of durable cast-iron which means they'll heat up quickly and retain the heat for a long time.

There are individual adjustable thermostats, and separate "on" and "ready" indicator lights. And the non-slip rubber feet ensures that the unit stays puts.

So whether you're in a dorm room or an art studio you can have something hot to keep you going.

The Portable Double Burner would also come in handy if you need extra heat sources to keep a large dinner warm-- say at Thanksgiving. Or any time you have a lot of company over. So even if you already have a full kitchen, there may be times you really wish you had more than four burners. And now you can.

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